It is the way of the world that some people climb the highest mountains, others tinker or design... I on the other hand - cook! Always and everywhere I can and if I can't I cook anyway and if that doesn't work out then I sit and come up with new recipes. I started this blog under influence of my boyfriend (now I hope - happy husband). He is my main culinary critic at home. Thankfully he likes most of the dishes I prepare and only from time to time I smuggle ingredients that he doesn't like. Only by accident of course - they were in the fridge so they had to be eaten.

What else can I say about me ? I'm kind of an idealist, a bit of an optimist and somtimes even a realist. I talk a lot and when I start talking there is no end to it. I never quit, I try to achieve what I planned no matter the price. My perseverance is so big that you can say I am stubborn as a donkey. In my free time (there is not much of it left) I like to read. There is nothing better than to sit with a book and a cup of a homemade mulled wine. Oh yes, this is it! Other than that you can say I'm a Friendsoholic - I can't count how many times I've watched this show. In fact it's better I can't... I would frighten you and myself.

I have a great husband. My critic is much calmer than me and talks less but that's good, I don't think I could stand being with someone who talks as much as I do! M. helps me a LOT with the blog, he is the one who eats and tastes everything I cook with a smile on his face and only sometimes - forced smile! We usually complement eachother with our characters, he is calm where I am scatterbrained, rational and the other way around. We are lucky that we understand eachother and that doesn't mean we don't argue at all.

We have a daughter for some time now. Ł has become our apple of the eye. We learn with her - she learns to live in our world and we learn how to take care of such a little baby. Together we fight through her screams or cries and cherrish all the laughs. Everyday we discover that our baby can do something new, we watch her grow.

There is one more member in our family... our cat - Jaskier who in his cat's amusement demolishes half the apartment and buries the other half in tissues stolen from the box. There is no fly or any other insect that he wouldn't hunt down. We love him but he is the most adorable when he sleeps.


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